January 2020
Today we are closing the month of January. I’ve heard some jokes about how long have seemed this month. I know people who are partying today, with food, fireworks and everything to celebrate this month’s farewell.  I have a lot to celebrate and to thank, I don’t know about you. But I have seen the...
Recently I read someone who I follow in one of the networks and I saw a “post” ¨ he wrote where he mentioned that perhaps every day has trembled, but in the same way, almost every day a rainbow has come out. That reminded me of God’s covenant with Noah after the flood and how...
Certainly these have been days of anguish and concern for many. The feeling of fear and insecurity has grown among our people and there seems to be no good news anywhere. Even the jokes that are heard, show the restlessness and frustration everywhere. We have not experienced less than the Bible tells us that will...
I have heard many times the expression: “I know that God keeps me safe, but I have to do my part”, and every time I hear it, it makes me think of a God who did an incomplete work. I had read many times the verse that says that my life is hidden in Christ,...
We are all welcoming, not only to a new year, but also to a new decade. And like every year maybe, we start with a lot of push. Many resolutions, many promises, many ideas, goals and dreams. The reality is that we have the good intention and the best desire to achieve each of those...

Sobre mi

El diseño de la eternidad cobra un grito fuerte cuando vas descubriendo quien eres y para que fuiste creado.  Cuando no apagas esa voz, que es la voz del Creador, entiendes que eres un ser espiritual con una experiencia humana. Una experiencia que no puede apagar el sueño de Dios en mi. Soy un sueño de Dios y quiero vivirlo como Él lo soñó.  Porque mi sueño es que su sueño se cumpla.

Tu eres el Papel

Comencemos este “blog” como si tú lo fueras a escribir. De todas formas lo hice pensando en ti. Mientras pensaba en las mil ideas que se me podían ocurrir para crear un espacio como este, venían a mi mente cuantas cosas en este mundo faltan por escribir y por ser hechas. Nuestra mente, no importa cuán creativos seamos, cuantos logros tengamos, cuan grandes hayan sido nuestros alcances, es pequeña, limitada.

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The general population does not know what is happening and does not even know that it does not know
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