Conqueror or conquered


We find everywhere people who are a walking tragedy. A few years ago I met someone who competed to be the person with the greatest amount and with the most difficult problems. It was like a hypochondriac but with problems. He wanted to have them all. As he listened to the problems of others quickly went out to say: “It happens to me worse” … and there he told his sad story. It was almost like a need for problems and for them to be the biggest in the world. He lived in continuous complaint, always sorry and in the midst of conflict, was almost worthwhile. It is completely normal to go through circumstances continuously. We have them in the family, at work, with friends, neighbors and everywhere. Circumstances and conflicts can come in all sizes and colors to imagine.

But we must be cautious of how we handle what happens to us. How do I look in the midst of circumstances? Do I feel like the victim of everything or do I assume the part of responsibility that belongs to me and take control? Do I always feel that someone else, and not me, is responsible for my situations? Can I continue to function in the midst of any situation that arises? Or do I feel that any conflict stops my life? Can I take control of my thoughts or do thoughts regarding the situation dominate me? Does everyone know what I am going through or do I have the ability to keep it private, as personal? Do I ask for advice from everyone I can regarding my situation? Does the problem or circumstance damage my day or my week or can I feel good in spite of it? How much handling do I have of my emotions in the middle of my situation? Anyway, do circumstances conquer me or can I conquer circumstances no matter what?

The word teaches us that we are more than conquerors and that we are made to reign. Jesus’ work was complete when he took everything that could burden us to the cross of Calvary and nailed it there and handed us the key to victory. We were created to be conquerors and not conquered. Do not be defeated, take control. Remember that you can do everything in Christ that strengthens you. Let the word be done in you, that everything that Jesus already reached and took for you, you can really see it, receive it and appropriate it. His sacrifice was not in vain. Become a conqueror and not a conquered, you are head, not tail, you are above not below. In heaven they already saw you beating: Can you see yourself beating? Come on! Do it. Blessings and enjoy your week reigning above all. Start your week conquering over any circumstance.   

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