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I have awakened waiting for a beautiful sunny day, and that day it rains; I have made the best coffee in the morning and I have seen it spill; I have had my favorite blouse on and I have stained it eating, in short, there have been many times in my life where things have not gone as I expected. It does not matter if you are young and your life is beginning it is possible to see how many plans, projects and dreams vanish. The reality is that it is normal for you to have expectations of what you are planning to do, or the project you have in mind and when you see how the circumstances, over which we have no control, change everything you had thought or planned, it produce in you a feeling of frustration, disappointment or helplessness. This can happen at any time in our life. A baby learning to walk can trip and fall. A child in school may feel that he has prepared for his test and still not obtain the expected qualification, a businessman may be preparing to start a business and some unforeseen change may make him lose what he was about to achieve. Under any circumstances and at any time in our lives, we can experience what I am talking about.

The experience may be the least, what makes the difference is what you decide to do with that experience. The baby learning to walk, after falling, does not decide not to try again; because some food has fallen ill, you do not stop eating; having a car accident does not stop you from going for a walk, and so with many other things. Many slips can happen in life, but don’t let the plan or goal stop. If something went wrong, start again.

The bible tells of a woman named Ruth, who after a difficult time, in which she had lost her husband and left her place of origin, had to start all over again. But she was not afraid, she decided to be strong, brave, she did not cling to feelings of pain, nor to memories of the past to justify herself and not try a new life again. And God honored her, made a new life, had the blessing of a new family, and the name of her generation is known today in the nations.

I don’t know what the experience you are going through now might be. Maybe your bad moment can be a love disappointment, the loss of something material, a change of place in which, by obligation, you have to start again because you had to leave behind everything you had, to have failed a subject, a project that you were about to perform, maybe you received a criticism that hurt you, you had a disagreement with someone and that discouraged you, I don’t know. Disappointment, frustration or grief can invade you just the same. But today I come to tell you that, where there seems to be ashes, God raises his glory, where there seems to be death, He sows his life, where there seems to be an end, God creates a beginning, where there seems to be stagnation, God moves the waters in your favor .

It’s up to you to decide how you process that difficult moment. I have to tell you that maybe you have plans, but God has purposes, and he wants to use every circumstance in your life, positive or negative, to take you to them. Things, after a bad time, will not be like before, they will be better if you trust God. A bad time does not make you a failure. That is why I am here today to tell you not to go back, not to stop. It is never too late to start again. Having a bad time makes you gain more experience. Let this experience serve you to grow and not the opposite. If you can trust that God loves you, that God will use it to bring growth to your life. What seems like a moment of pain, loss, and sadness today, God is going to use to add growth and abundance to your life. You can believe it? Let me rule you a word that comes to my heart every time I want to give up on something: “Behold, I am doing something new; it will soon come to light; Will you not know it? Again I will make my way in the desert, and rivers in solitude. Isaiah 43:19. Be strong and courageous, because God is with you.

Today I come to tell you that a time of advance is coming, in which you can decide to ride or simply watch it go by. But today you have to see yourself with the ability to go for more. Leave the pain and hurt to those who do not want to grow or advance. This may be the best time of your life if you decide to look forward and see Jesus, instead of looking back and sitting down to cry. Today I declare that you are going to achieve it, because already in heaven they saw you winning.

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