Do not take it there.


On these days I read a very beautiful reflection that spoke of the teaching of this wise man, who asked this young man: If someone brings you a gift, but you decide not to take it, whose gift is it? To which the young man answers: It still belongs to the one who brought it, because I did not take it. The wise man brings you one of the most powerful teachings you can receive and choose it to live as a basic principle in your life. It also happens with the offense, if someone brings you an offense, but you decide not to take it, then it is not yours, it still belongs to the one who brought it. It reminded me of a house teaching, in which our pastor taught us about the different types of offenses and how to handle them. And certainly, if there is something you should not live with even one day, it is with an offense no matter who comes from.

Maturity has the ability to tell the other person: I didn’t like very much what you said, it sounded offensive, but I forgive you, no matter if you did it intentionally or unintentionally, I will not take a feeling of pain or offense with me. And you have the ability to do so because you love and value yourself. And you know that taking a feeling of offense, can create greater damage to your heart until perhaps bitterness. And that is not what you want. The Bible teaches us that as long as it depends on us we are at peace with everyone. Your peace is worth more than any offensive comment anyone could have said. Do not stay giving it space in your life in any way. Your heart should not have any space occupied with that, no matter who it was. Forgiveness is the greatest principle of the Kingdom. We have also offended God and may not have deserved his forgiveness. But he chose to forgive us and not only give us forgiveness, but throw all our offenses to the bottom of the sea to never remember them again. Then do the same, forget and do not bring it to your memory at all. Do not enter a new year by keeping or carrying an offense.

2020 begins free of all anger, of all damage, of all contamination of the soul. Perhaps the other does not deserve it, but you deserve the peace and satisfaction of doing it for love. Come on, close cycles, let go and be free. Your time has come to be free of all charges. If you have been offended for a while, call that person and make a blur and count, I don’t tell you something that I have not had to do, believe me that I have had to go there, but I won. Do not hesitate, do not think much. Run to freedom today and you will not regret it. Do not take it to the New Year, start with your blank page and let God write better stories for you. Blessings

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