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Voids of the soul

All the frustrations in our life arise from the emptiness or voids in our emotional tank. When we receive an external stimulus (a rejection, a criticism, a betrayal, among others) and we feel that life is leaving us, that we almost want to die while others around me tell me: it really is not that serious, it was just a bad moment, You’re going to get over it. But even so, we feel like a punch in the center of the chest, it’s because a wound or hole inside us responded strongly to that external stimulus.

Many times, we pass the moment, we accumulate it as one more, but we did not go to the root of what caused that moment to be so painful. It was not the moment; it really is what has been stored inside me that made it seem so critical and almost insurmountable.

So, I must understand that, in order to heal any pain, of which I have not been so aware, I need to look inside myself. This requires the help of the Holy Spirit. Without him, it would be almost impossible to get to that root.

We have dedicated ourselves to living reacting to every emotional stimulus and we have refused to act to resolve our emotional conflicts. We live from moment to moment and we have not realized how many good times and how much maturity and security we have lost to acquire because we have not paid attention to our soul. And by not paying attention to what you need, we become soulish beings, driven by feelings that always keep us in an up and down of emotions, reacting to everything and acting on nothing.

Perhaps you think that I am speaking with many words that you do not understand, or I am trying to take you somewhere that you do not know, I do not know. The point is, what I really want you to do is start aligning your spirit with the Spirit of God. It is only through him that you will be able to delve into your soul to be able to find the voids that you are tired that lead and ruin your life, but you have not been able to see them.

I invite you on an exploratory trip with him. If you call him and ask him to show you the broken and fragmented areas of your life, he will surely do it. And it will not only show them for you to recognize, but it will also guide you on the path of healing. His desire is to provide the balm that your soul needs.

Nobody is more interested in seeing you healthy than the one who created you. And nobody knows how to direct you better towards that sanity than the one who designed your soul. Let him guide you and your life will not be the same. Enjoy his grace on you. In the end, it’s all about his love for you and you can understand it in the healing process.

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