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Are you thirsty?

Daily life is made up of relating to others. We all have family, friends, neighbors, acquaintances, and we frequent places where we will have contact and interaction with others. Some of these interactions will be very good and healthy, but others may not be. It is often said a lot, when people are not “in their best day”, that they perceive hostile, unfriendly, hormonal, among other things. And although this is very common, the point I would like to evaluate myself is, how does the feeling or attitude of the other affect me?

It is very possible that, if you went to the pharmacy and the employee who attended you at that time was not so kind or attentive and did not treat you properly or with the greatest of respect, you can take it as a passing experience and do not affect greatly. But as beings who create bonds with those around us, it can happen differently if the person who treats me that way is a person closest to me, such as a spouse, a child, a parent, a relative with whom I share regularly, among others. For reasons of the soul, we create bonds with others who, when everything seems to be fine with that person, our day goes wonderfully, but if that person did not treat me the way I expected, everything can change that day.

So, I have to ask myself: Can I function stably even when those around me are not necessarily? How much do I hold on to others emotionally? Why does what I receive from others affect or define my life so much? This type of relationship usually occurs between couples, but we must be careful because we also see them in relationships of parents and children or people with whom we develop friendship relationships that, at first, seem healthy or very affectionate, but since we have not realized the emptiness that we carry in some area, we create a relationship in which we begin to feed ourselves emotionally from this person. If the person is under the same condition of emotional need, we will both create a feedback relationship where there will be dependence on each other. If the other person does not have the same emotional needs, they will end up being drained and possibly even walking away, because no one can emotionally feed others without being drained.

Creating and maintaining healthy relationships depends on a healthy soul. No one can create healthy relationships by carrying holes and/or hurts. It is for this cause that we live by charging others what someone from our past did to us. There is no way someone can meet your needs, no matter how much they love you, in the same way, that you cannot meet someone else’s emotional needs, no matter how much you love them. The gaps and wounds of the soul can only find satisfaction and healing in God. It is in him that you are complete, and you lack nothing.

The word speaks to us in John 4, of a Samaritan woman whom Jesus meets at a well looking for water. Jesus asked her to drink, which impacted the life of this woman since Jews and Samaritans did not relate to each other. In that conversation, Jesus finally presented himself to that woman, as the water of life and ministered to her in such a way as the story in verse 28 says. Then the woman left her jug and went to the city. Jesus had fully satisfied this woman’s life. The pitcher represents the soul. At that moment, that woman stopped feeling the emptiness of her soul, Jesus had filled everything, so she went to look for others and to announce what had happened to her life. The soul of that woman had been satisfied in the right source; she would no longer need to depend on a man to feel full. His spirit had connected with the source of life, and when your spirit connects with the source of life, the soul receives everything it needs.

No one knows how to feed your soul as the Spirit does. If there are voids in your soul today, I want to tell you that the source has approached you and is flowing from that water that leaps to eternal life. The desire of the source is that your pitcher (soul) drink from the water that flows from it so that you will never be thirsty (need or dependence on others). It will no longer matter who is or who is not in your life, the important thing is that you will be connected to the source that will keep you full and satisfied continuously. The fountain is here for you today, come and drink so that you will never be thirsty. The grace on your life today.

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