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It is very common, for this season, to see jokes about how the year went by and you did not lose weight, could not travel, did not achieve this or that goal. Anyway, a lot of jokes about the “no achievements” of this year, and between joke and joke the way we postpone it for next year. How many excuses we have and find not to do things. We use them with ourselves, with our neighbor and with God. In our personal, professional and spiritual goals. We do not commit to our personal care, health and improvement, we do not commit to our family, quality of family life, time with our children (at least the youngest who need us the most), time with our partner, time to finish the course or degree that you lack in your work or professional development and we are not committed to our spiritual growth, our commitment in the church, our time with the Lord or our call. Nor do we have any commitment to the word to let us change and transform to the image of the God whom we say we serve. We give God the excuses we would not give our boss in our work so as not to commit ourselves to anything.

The reality is that if something is not born inside you, no matter what date of the year it is, you will not do it. If there is no conviction or a genuine desire for commitment to something, you will continue to ignore it. Because there is no will to do it. You will continue to pass the calendars and continue without dieting, without finishing studying, without having time for the family, without committing to anything, because you have no commitment even to yourself.

Let’s not try to look for external motivations to move to do things. Everything we need has to be born from within. That is why the word tells us that: God has not given us spirit of cowardice, but of power, love and self-control. Because everything you need to achieve what you say you want to achieve, He put it inside of you. Stop blaming the circumstances on why you have not done what you say you are going to do and make a decision within yourself to do it because you have the will to do it, regardless of whether it is January, May, September or December. Today I want to tell you how Jesus told Judas at the most difficult time of his life here on earth: “What you are going to do, do it soon.”

If you want another excuse, you will find it outside, but if you want the will to do it, you have to look for it within yourself. Because all change starts from the inside out and not vice versa. Come on, start today, and don’t leave it for next year even for tomorrow. Today is the day the Lord made for you, full of opportunities for new beginnings.  Blessings.

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