In the Secret


6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.

Matthew 6: 6

It is possible that anyone who belongs to a congregation or a meeting place such as God’s family has ever felt the push of activities and programs that fill its agenda. For years we have been focused on doing, creating activities of all kinds. Evangelistic activities, Shepherd’s Day, Sheep’s Day, Ladies’ services, Gentlemen’s services, Children’s services, youth services, Home services, Healing Campaigns, and many more.

When the pandemic hit the world, and we all had an obligation to stay home, all the programs stopped. We could no longer hold meetings, or services, or activities where we were crowded. Each in his home sought God individually, although the internet helped a lot with the variety of services that could be transmitted through different media. But it was up to everyone to realize what kind of relationship he had with God. How much he depended on the message of each service and activity of his church to be able to connect with Him.

We had spent so much time doing it, that we stopped being. We are no longer the children of the Father. When we understand the figure of Jesus on earth, we can see how his message was always about the Father. Jesus did nothing but being a son, and his connection as a son allowed him to do everything else. Because it is precisely that relationship of intimacy with the Father that defines us. If we do not know the Father, if we do not develop a relationship with Him, we will not be able to understand our design and assignment in this passage through the earth.

Of all the things that the disciples could have asked Jesus to do, they only asked him to teach them to pray. They realized that was the key to everything Jesus did. His intimate and direct relationship with the Father was what guided him to be able to do everything else and the disciples understood it. And if Jesus had to make room for intimacy with his Father, what makes us think that we don’t need to do the same thing every day?

Just as a married couple gets along and needs to maintain that time of closeness and ongoing intimacy, so do we. That is why the word speaks to us about the marriage relationship because we are the wife. And the wife and husband yearn to be together, getting to know each other better, sharing and enjoying each other more each day.

The world is approaching difficult times, and we need to have learned to be dependent on the Father and His direction in our lives. If you are still a pastor-dependent or leader-dependent, you will have conflicts. We need to develop that intimacy with the Father and know that we have it wherever we are. And that, in the midst of any circumstance, nothing and no one will be able to take away from me that relationship that I have with my Father, because it only depends on Him and me, not on anyone else. Enter into secret with your Father and be a son. Enter into His rest and let Him alone guide your steps. No one can fill and direct your life like Him.

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