Stop doing and start being


For a long time, we learned to be active people within the church, from activity to activity. Many times, day after day, week after week, month after month and we have done so year after year. But to none, did it often occur to us to ask God: Is this what you want us to do? Is this what you want me to do? Lots of activities and meetings with little or no results, exhausted physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually. We have lived a life so dependent on the pastor, the leaders, the meetings, the services week after week, that we substitute our time in intimacy with God for our time in church activities. And so, the days, months, and years went by.

But the real instruction was: Seek the kingdom of God and his righteousness – that is, this is Christ, the way, the truth, and the life, who leads us to the Father, and no one comes except through Him. We stopped being children to be servants and warriors, focusing our lives on activities and the rest of it on the enemy, whom we were always accommodating in any moment of adversity we had, even in our daily lives. It was all the devil, that made us feel good spiritually, wow!

We have learned to survive without identity and without design or life project. Because the reality is that the Father (we are children) gave us all a divine project that we do not know. When the Father designed us in eternity, because we came from within him, he created us with a divine project for each one. He put in each one a specific design that we must execute or carry out here on earth.

But in order to understand that, we need to enter intimacy with Him. The longing of his heart is for his children to come to Him to fill them with His truth, so that they may know His perfect plan, His exact design. No one has a greater desire than Himself for His design in you to be fulfilled, because for that He Himself gave it to you. Otherwise, He wouldn’t have given it to you. Everything that God gives, he gives with a purpose and in the end, he will hold us accountable for what he put in our hands and we do not use according to the project that He established.

It is time for us to stop doing and do and start aligning our lives to his perfect plan. That when he calls you to his presence and asks you: What did you do with what I gave you to do? You can answer, here is the result of what you put in my hands Father, I give it to you with the satisfaction of having fulfilled the assignment of life. Nothing will give your life greater satisfaction. Connect with the Father in intimacy and he will answer you and teach you what you do not know. The longing of his heart is that you seek Him, and He is found. Do not settle for this century, remember that you are a spiritual being, living a human experience.

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