What did you do with what was given to you?


When God created us in His image and likeness, He designed us with gifts, talents, and abilities that were born with us. Because, when God has a dream, He sees a clear and complete picture, not like us who see everything as in the movies, as the images go by. God had a dream and for that dream He designed you. He saw you there and He knew exactly what you needed to fulfill that dream of His.

So, He puts within you, all the gifts, talents, abilities, and resources with which you came to this earth. There are some that you have already seen, but maybe there are others that you have not yet known or developed, it does not mean that you do not have them.

Matthew 25:14 tells the story of a man who went far away, but before leaving he called his servants and gave them his goods (talents). To one he gave five, to another two, and to another one, he says, according to his capacity. When he returned, he went to each one to see what they had done with those talents that had been given to him. The one who had been given five negotiated with them and won five more, the one who was given two, also multiplied them and won two more. But he that had received one, dug in the earth, and hid it, and did nothing with it. When the man returned, he went to see them and asked each one what he had done with what was put in his hands. The two who had multiplied their talents were recognized and congratulated: “Well done, good and faithful servant; thou hast been faithful over a few things, I will make thee ruler over many things: enter thou into the joy of thy lord. The one who had given one to him and hid it was confronted with this action and was called evil and negligent. And his master took away that which he had given him and put it into the hand of him that had received five.

As God’s design, in the same way, we were trained with talents delivered by Him, and God does not deliver something that has no purpose. The talents that have been given to you are not yours nor are they for your sole benefit, you and I are only administrators of what was given to us. But sadly, we appropriate them. We want to decide whether to use them or not and how and where to use them.

In the story of Joseph in Egypt, before his father died, he uttered words of blessing on each of his children, and when he got to where Joseph said, “A fruitful branch is Joseph, a fruitful branch by a fountain whose stems extend over the wall. They made him bitter, they harassed him, and the archers hated him, but his bow remained mighty; and the arms of his hands were strengthened”- Genesis 49: 22-24.

Joseph had had to go through very harsh circumstances throughout his life, he was touched by betrayal, abandonment, unjust accusation, lying, harassment, confinement, loneliness, and injustice. But Joseph, who was full of God-given gifts and talents, did not allow the circumstances he had experienced to contaminate him. Joseph may have come to the end of his days full of bitterness, taking revenge.

However, all that God had given him, he did not allow anything to contaminate him. On the contrary, he became the second most important man in the whole nation of Egypt, and thanks to him food was preserved so that he could feed a nation and peoples around them for 7 years.

But Joseph knew who he depended on; Joseph was a fruitful branch because he kept drinking from the right source. Our gifts and talents were given in order to serve and bless others, not for us to appropriate them for our sole benefit or that of those who seem to us.

As in the history of talents, we are going to have to answer to the Creator, who we did with what was handed over to us. God’s plans with what He gave you are to reach others. But for that talent in your hands to have the right scope, we must be connected to the right source. Joseph was a fruitful branch, whose stems spread over the wall because his gifts were in the hands of his Creator and because he did not allow anything to contaminate them.

Have you ever asked God why your talents were given to you? It is through your gifts that the doors that God intended for you are opened. The Lord designed us with plans and purposes that do not fit in our minds, but we want to fit God into our plans, instead of wanting us to fit into God’s plans. When you connect with Him and let Him direct you, even when you fail to understand what He is doing, you will see how He Himself is in charge of positioning you and leading you to the doors through which you must enter. In the end, it’s all about Him and not us. And I guarantee you that there is no greater satisfaction in life than knowing what you are doing with your gifts, exactly what the Creator designed for them and unimaginable things will begin to happen in your life.

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