Manipulated – You think we are not?

The general population does not know what is happening and does not even know that it does not know2

Today they lock us up under the pretext of caring for and protecting our health. They make us keep in our homes for months, altering everything that we knew as “normal” in our daily functioning. We work remotely (many of those who still have their jobs), small businesses have had to close, they have separated us as families by limiting our meetings to a small group of people, hugs and kisses have become deadly weapons and have forced us to live covered by useless masks all day. These are just some of the things we could mention about this “plandemic” that we are experiencing today.

Governments have lied, deceived, and manipulated us for years (if not always), and now we act as if they are not doing it. It seems that they are telling us the truth regarding this matter. There is evidence of how, continuously, the numbers of the statistics in relation to the cases of patients are altered, diagnosing as a cause of death “covid”, who dies from a heart attack or from anything else. It seems that no one dies from anything else. They sold us the story of the “asymptomatic”, to keep people away, because you could be sick and have no symptoms. It has been the strangest disease, in which, manipulating the press, they have kept us informed only with the news of death and increase in cases. When there are many more cases that defeat this “supposed” virus.

Anyway, they have lowered everyone’s defenses, based on fear, and they have NOT offered us alternatives other than: “stay home”, “put on the mask all the time”, “don’t visit your family or friends”, etc. The campaigns of this have been massive, putting us in fear and more fear. Nobody told us: “eat well”, “take vitamins”, “exercise”, or anything that helps us keep our immune system healthy. Wasn’t that the way God designed for us to care? All the alternatives offered lead us to confinement, to become a faceless society, disconnected from social and family contact, depressed, ruined, totally manipulable and predictable. BUT NOBODY REACTS. Nobody questions anything.

It alarms me to see how almost everyone has agreed to believe this great plan. Every day there is more news and evidence of how they lie and deceive us, but we continue to believe everything. The news of how they have been using 5G technology and how molecular tests have been created to raise the cases of “positives” is everywhere. We have been being misled, but we do not know that we don’t know. And those of us who have raised our voices to warn, have called us “irresponsible”, “crazy”, “fanatics”, among other things.

Spirit is making a wake-up call. This has been a plan to establish the “New World Order” and it has been very revealing. It is time to turn to God and trust in his mighty hand. Let the Spirit guide us and lead us to see that WHAT “SEEMS” TO BE HAPPENING IS NOT WHAT IS REALLY HAPPENING. “Wake up my people,” says your God. He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit is speaking. Do not let it be later and fall into the trap of the world. God has not given us a spirit of cowardice, but of power… Wake up, you who sleep and rise from the dead, and Christ will shine on you.

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The general population does not know what is happening and does not even know that it does not know
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