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The other day I was sharing with a great friend, a history teacher, who explained to me how for years she had believed and taught about the measurements of the measurements of my beautiful land, Puerto Rico. Everywhere people say that our island measures 100 x 35, but the truth is that it measures 111 x 39. Besides that, we are not merely an island, we are an archipelago, which makes us even larger than we knew. Our land, in addition to its main island, is made up of a large group of small islands, keys and islets -98 in total- that are part of the coastal zone.

And we could elaborate on what this implies for our land, but you may be wondering, possibly, what is the spiritual teaching behind this that I am sharing with you. And it is the same with us. For a long time, we have not been clear about who we are. They have told us that we are a small island, with small dimensions. But today it is important that we wake up to the reality that we are an archipelago. We are much more than we have believed.

There has been an urge of the Spirit to awaken the children of the Kingdom. Those who will be used as gates to establish the kingdom of God on earth, for whom the earth is crying out for its manifestation. If you look at yourself the way the world has defined us, you can never see yourself as you really are. For God’s plan to unfold and move in your life, you need to be able to see the truth of the Father, what He says about you.

We have had a distortion in our communication with the Father and it is because we have not learned to use his same language. God’s truth is found in his word. When we begin to relate to God, we understand that what he says in her are his thoughts, his plans, his designs. But we, loaded with doubts, began to distort the truth of his word and add our own expressions: Father, if it is your will, Lord, if it pleases you, among others.

Without the certainty of what God wants, we cannot proclaim his word. I wonder how much God may be offended by our doubts when we approach him in that attitude, knowing that God’s truth has an answer – Yes and amen. Because everything is done in its entirety through the consummate work of Yeshua in the cross, who when everything was finished could say with certainty that he had fulfilled everything that the Father had entrusted to him: “It is finished.”

After having done everything, and having conquered all principality and power, he was seated in the heavenly places and was given as Head to the church – you and I – who is his body and fills everything. But if you don’t see yourself filled with it and in a position of government and you keep looking at that truth as heresy, the Father will not be able to count on you as one of those children through whom His Kingdom will be established.

Stop looking at yourself as the world sees you and begin to see yourself through the Father’s truth for your life. It is time for you to understand that you are much more than you have believed and that you do by taking the truth of the Father. Let its truth define your life.

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