Permanently grateful

Everything in life is about continuous decisions. You decide in the morning to get up or not, have breakfast or not, put on one or the other clothes, do your homework or not, in short everything is a decision, some simpler than others. In the same way, being grateful or opting for the complaint is […]

More than a gift

Mistakes are something we make every day. And certainly, as a writing that I have sometimes read: “When I do everything right, nobody notices, but if I make a mistake, everyone sees it.” Sometimes we are too quick to see the mistakes, but how much are we to lift the one who was wrong? How […]

Open the window

I live on a second floor in a house that is usually very cool because of the location where it is. In these days I was at home doing some household chores and at the moment I feel very hot, which is not normal in my house. I go to the living room and remember […]

My New Stories

The general population does not know what is happening and does not even know that it does not know
Let there be light