He is looking at you


Yes, you. When Jesus was about to expire on the cross, his mother was there, along with some other women and John. And when Jesus saw them there he looked at them and said: Woman, behold, your son. Then he looked at Juan and said: Behold your mother. John 19:25

The woman who had been used as the portal to bring Jesus into the world and one of his brothers were being brutally detached from a being whom they loved and for whom they were loved. However at that time, there was no sentimentality in Jesus to be saddened by that situation. Jesus only released one word on them that addressed them. He didn’t allow them to lose consciousness, or how sad the moment could be, made them lose focus. Jesus created a strong bond between them and left order in what he was saying, because Jesus did not forget or leave a single detail unresolved.

Now Jesus is looking at you. Today he is no longer on the cross, he already came down from there, with an accomplished work. He is trying to make you hear the word he is saying about you to direct your life, and he longs for you to hear and take it. John the disciple took the floor. The bible says that, on that same day he received Mary at his house. That indicates that the word was really taken by them and put into action.

Maybe today you are in need of a location word for your life. It is possible that in the midst of everything we are going through, where everything is changing, a sense of loss, of disorientation, of emptiness has been awakened in many areas, you do not know where to run, who to look at. Well you should know that Jesus is looking at you. Today He wants to give meaning, order, location and purpose to your life. Today, do not look for him on the cross, you will find him in his consummate work. The one that opened the way and today gives you access to all the benefits that salvation includes. Everything you need is in Jesus, in Him you are complete and you have everything

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