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It is possible that, if I mention John, some facts about John the disciple come to your mind, such as that it was he who wrote the revealing and powerful book (vision of Revelation), and that he was known as the beloved disciple. The truth is that, while it is true that John received the vision of Revelation, it is also true, if you search the scriptures, that the only book where John was known or called “the beloved disciple” was in his own book, the Epistle according to Saint John. No other book in scripture recognizes him that way.

What can be extracted from several passages is that John participated in many important and significant events in the history of Jesus during his time on earth. Of all his disciples, the only one to appear in the harsh scene of the crucifixion was John.

This reaches my heart and makes me reflect: Jesus loved each one of his disciples. The word does not speak of the fact that he found loved or preferred someone over another, even when the mother of two of his disciples approached to ask for special treatment in the seat of heaven for her children, Jesus replied that it was not in his power, and made this a powerful teaching for his disciples – Matthew 20: 20-28 (a story you should read).

So, it was not that Jesus chose John over his other disciples, but that John chose him (Jesus), above all else. John left everything, followed him to where there was no longer a path to walk. Even after the resurrection, Jesus called Peter to walk with him and John did not detach, to the point that Peter asked Jesus: Lord, what about this? Jesus said to him: If I want him to stay until I come, what to you? Follow me – John 21: 21-22.

Jesus knew his disciples, and he knew how much John loved him, that is why he gave him great things and being a witness of wonders in heaven. But, that was the key – John had already been chosen, as possibly you have been chosen too, but John preferred Jesus, over himself, even though it could cost him his life. He PREFERRED Jesus before his life and everything he had.

Do you prefer Jesus? How much are you willing to leave behind for him? Salvation is free. Being like Jesus and being His disciple is wonderful, but it will cost you your life. The call is for many, you may be feeling the call in your spirit, but the chosen are few because, in the end, there are few who can prefer Jesus. What do you prefer? Think about it. Grace be with you.

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