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Dreams are a means through which God speaks to us. Today you as a young man must be full of dreams. They are God’s way of pushing us to look at Him and to put our faith to work. Our dreams may seem big, but when God puts them in us, they come with the guarantee of his endorsement.

We live in a time where it is very possible that we think that many dreams can be forgotten and remain as just that, a dream and nothing else. However, today I come to tell you and declare that the dreams that God has placed in you are not going to die, on the contrary, today I am going to believe that above all contrary circumstances, dreams will come true.

A few days ago I was watching a beautiful video of a teacher who encouraged his young students to write about their dreams. There was a student who carried a multi-page paper, setting out his dream in detail. He dreamed of a large piece of land and a space to raise purebred horses and have his crops for sales and some other things that seemed somewhat difficult to achieve. The next day he sent it to his teacher and several days later he received his work back, being reproved and with a note that said: “Come see me after school.” The student waited to finish his classes and at the end of the day he went to see his teacher who told him that he had a beautiful dream, but very out of reality. “Your dream is very unrealistic for the limitation of your resources, it is one of much effort, dedication and investment. Take your work home and reconsider, bring it back modified and I will give you a new approval note”. The young man, very sorry, took his work home and told his father what had happened, from whom he expected to receive some advice. His father told him that it was up to him to decide whether to change his dream or not. Several days later, the student returned to his teacher with the same job, without making a single change and said: “Stay with your grade, I will keep my dream.” He ends this story by telling that years later, this teacher took other students on an excursion to his former student’s farm.

It is important that you remember that you are chosen, predestined and loved. Ephesians 1:11 tells us (NTV) – Furthermore, since we are united to Christ, we have received an inheritance from God, because he chose us beforehand and makes all things work according to his plan. Which means that He Himself has put his dreams in you to be realized because his word says that the work that he began will finish it (Philippians 1: 6). Joseph is a good example of a young man chosen and separated by God with big dreams, if someone had to face conflicts and experiences that seemed to quench God’s dream, it was him. Despised and sold as a slave by his own brothers, wrongly accused of attempted abuse, thrown in jail for something he never did, but eventually put in the palace as governor of a great nation, managing to reunite his entire family again.

How many things seem to go against your dream today? The very circumstances that surround us right now turn everything against big dreams that must be in you. But you must remember that since before you came to this earth, God already had a plan with you, he had dreamed of what your life would be like in his hands. He sent you with a purpose and put eternity in you to maintain a channel of communication with you. Precisely because there is eternity in you, is that today you can dream. If dreams seem very big and scare you, God is involved in them, do not hesitate. Don’t let anything stop them.

I believe for a generation that nothing will stop it, that nothing will frustrate it, and that nothing will turn off the voice of God’s dream in its life. I believe for a generation that is going to advance, that where others have not seen opportunities, they are going to see it, a generation that is going to take the designs from heaven and bring them to this earth, a generation of brave and empowered, ready to run the dreams of God through their lives. Today I believe that you are one of those brave men, and today I came to tell you: Do not let anything or anyone extinguish the dream of God in you. Blessings.

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