Take care of what comes out.


Today we are very careful with our food. I surround myself with people whom I hear continually talk about their new eating habits. I hear about “Keto”, “low carb”, fish, the integral diet, balanced food and everyone has their own criteria and apparently takes care of everything that enters through their mouths. But what strikes me is not the diet or how you want to have it, what strikes is that you take more care of what enters through your mouth than what comes out of it.
A few months ago, our pastor brought home the teaching of a Hebrew term known as “Lashon hara”, from which I really learned a lot. This term is used when we lend ourselves to talk badly about our neighbor, no matter if what we say about him is true or not. With poor diet we contaminate our body and often damage our systems and organs. But with what comes out of our mouth, we don’t realize that many times we kill our neighbors and even contaminate the person to whom we are going to talk about him. Let’s start meditating on what we talk about. I remember a secular song that said: “If there is nothing good to say about me, say nothing.” And it is better to say nothing. Let’s stop spreading poison by talking badly about others and start being builders of this world. Let’s talk less and do more. If you take care of what comes in, take more care of what comes out of your mouth. After all, Jesus taught that what comes out by mouth is what really hurts us. Blessings

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