The first enemy


These days I heard a beautiful intercessory prayer led by a woman of God whom I love and admire. In this intercession I prayed for the David who are going to get up for this time. I remembered, when a few months ago, the Lord told me that Saul’s time was ending. Saul’s time is the time when men and women, even placed by God in places of authority, have devalued God’s plan and have changed it for their own, men and women who have allowed themselves to be bought and subjected to the system of this world before the will of God and they wanted to do things their way. Those were rejected by God. The Davidic time has come, the time of sons and daughters who, although no one has recognized them, will be positioned in inexplicable ways. Those who, despite the system of this world, have not damaged their hearts or allowed themselves to be manipulated, but have maintained a heart according to the heart of God to please Him alone and long for His glory.

In the story of the battle between David and Goliath, David had arrived on the battlefield at his father’s request to bring food to his brothers, who were there, and to bring him news of how they were. When he got there, he started talking to the other men in the squad and suddenly Goliath came out and did what he had been doing for 40 days, intimidating the Israeli army and asking who would fight against him. But before reaching Goliath, David faced another enemy, his older brother Eliab. Eliab was among the war squads when David arrived, and when he heard him speak to the others, asking who was that uncircumcised Philistine who dared to threaten the squad of the living God, he lashed out at him: 28 And Eliab hearing his older brother speak to those men, he was angry with David and said: Why did you come down here? And who have you left those few sheep in the desert? I know your pride and the malice of your heart, that to see the battle you have come. 29 David replied, what have I done now? Isn’t this just talking? 1 Samuel 17: 28-29

Before reaching Goliath, David had to face being devalued and rejected by his own brother, his close people. Perhaps today it is yours, those closest to you that you hope can recognize and support what God has given you. Definitely, if we judge by the end of this story, we can say that his brother knew very little about David, since we saw that in the end, David was the one who defeated Goliath and not the army.

You may feel outraged today, as David felt, seeing how there is a giant mocking the people of God, while the people of God are standing idly by, because they have set their sights on the giant, instead of their God. David did not allow that giant to intimidate him. David managed to defeat him, because if David knew anything, it was the God of hosts and he knew that God would support them.

If you are a David, I want to tell you that your time has come. That in the same way that God allowed David to come to that place just as Goliath appeared, so God will position you in the right place and with the right people. David’s army is waking up, if you are one of them, start positioning yourself. The living God will be exalted through his army. Blessings.

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