What kind of bread?


For the purposes of the Jewish calendar, this week the feast of unleavened bread is celebrated. This has its beginnings in the departure of the people of God from slavery in Egypt and God sent them to leave in Egypt the yeast of the bread they used. Some of the things that yeast represents is contamination. Yeast is old, fermented dough that is added to the new bread dough to give it growth. Just a little bit of yeast is enough to alter all the new dough. So God was leading His people to leave everything old behind, because He wanted to do great things with them. The people needed to be decontaminated.

And that is precisely what God is doing with his people today, removing ALL contamination from our lives. And perhaps you think I am referring to the contamination of the world, what we are accustomed to calling sin. But I am referring to the contamination that the same church once added to us: the religiosity, the structures and thoughts of men, the customs or practices full of motivation and pure human knowledge, but lacking in the direction and power of the Holy Spirit, the practices that led us to depend on a man to get closer to God and limited our personal and direct relationship with Him, the word of “oh blessed” that has made us move by emotions rather than by conviction and commitment to God, the accustomed saying : “God knows that I …”, used continuously as an excuse to let go of the call and let go of a greater commitment and surrender to God, as if God did not know what our lives would be like before choosing us and calling us to his eternal purpose. The lack of appropriating his word as our only truth and adapting ourselves to the word and customs of this world, which has robbed us of the power and authority that cost Jesus so much on the cross. That, among some other things comes to my heart now.

Today I invite you to do introspection, it is time to take very seriously the time we are living. Everything is changing and the people of God have to rise up in a different way than it has been until today. Today you have to look like the bread that others will eat. You have to evaluate what kind of bread you want to be. Jesus warned us about the yeast of this world, and made it clear to us that we are not of this world, therefore, we cannot let it contaminate us, because with just a little leaven, it is enough to contaminate all the dough. Evaluate your life, your thoughts, and your actions. Ask the Holy Spirit today to allow you to see within yourself those things that today need to be decontaminated from all yeast in this world. He wants you to ask him and he will gladly show you, because he wants you to be an unleavened bread so you can feed others with the correct word of life that others need to hear. Today, like Jesus, choose to be a bread that carries life. Blessings.

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