They are only words


In recent weeks there have been some words that have taken another meaning in my life. They are the words faith, love, grace, fullness, among some others. And it is that, certainly we hear a lot about the love of God, and in a season like this, the reason for the celebration, implicitly is the love of God. But knowing the love of God, from the way it is preached from an altar, and living and understanding the love of God in your life are 2 different things. It is necessary to live it, because there is no way to explain it, it needs to be revealed so that you can understand as Paul said to the Ephesians: 17 so that Christ may dwell by faith in your hearts, so that, rooted and grounded in love, 18 be fully capable of understanding with all saints what the width, length, depth and height are, 19 and to know the love of Christ, which exceeds all knowledge, so that you may be filled with all the fullness of God.

It reminds me of a choir I sang as a child that said that the love of God is wonderful and is so high that I cannot go above it, so low that I cannot go below it, so wide that I cannot go outside it, how great is the love of God. It is not about my love for him or how I can see it, it is about his love for me, a supernatural love, a love that tells me: “you are my beloved daughter, in whom I am pleased”, a love that forgives me, which lifts me up and restores me, a love that positions me by its side, a love that asks nothing in return, a love that did everything for me. The one for what the   word says that casts out fear because is perfect, is mature, capable of loving me with all my defects and, even above them, choosing me to do his work and his plan on this earth, telling me that his power is perfected in my weakness and that his grace is sufficient.

What else can I ask for? In his love I have everything and I am complete. I don’t know if you can understand what kind of love is this, but Paul said it exceeds all knowledge. And sometimes we try to measure the love of God as we measure our love, but it is not possible to make such a comparison. His love has the same extension of the cross where he gave his life to save you and me, in all dimensions. If you have not been able to understand or begin to experience his love, I invite you to pray: “Jesus, reveal me more of your love.” He not only wants you to know his love, but enjoy it. The ones that I mentioned to you are only words, but the immensity of what they can represent for you, will transform your life and your way of seeing it. I guarantee. Blessings.

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