Wake him up.


I have heard several messages about the portion of the word in which the disciples crossed the sea in a boat with Jesus and, in the middle of that journey, a great storm arises and Jesus is asleep. The disciples ran to raise him, Jesus took authority over the winds and everything calmed down. Certainly, the storm must have been something very strong. These men were fishermen and surely they were very used to facing the sea, until that day. After this and many more experiences, Jesus told those men that things greater than what He had done, they would also do. That same word is for us today. Jesus left us authority over everything created through his perfect work. He chose us as a room to dwell, and decided to give us authority over everything, greater than He had. Like the disciples, Jesus and the Father knew that at some point we would find ourselves facing many circumstances that might seem like a storm, to which we might not know how to react. Therefore, each experience with the disciples was a modeling for us to start from him to have the greatest things that He promised we would do. It is sad to think that we have been so absorbed by the system of religiosity and structures that they have swallowed the authority of the children of God. We listen more to what the system of this world tells us and how it has decided that the church should function, under its rules and protocols, than what Jesus said. We do not question where the power and authority that the Acts church showed. We have been content with beautiful words of faith, which speak and promise future manifestations, but of the church of power and authority, we are not showing anything. The word teaches us that the earth cries out waiting for the manifestation of the children of God, and that it really has to come to the church. You and I are part of those children for whom the earth is waiting. I don’t know if you can hear the voice of the earth shouting: “Wake up the Christ, it is within you, wake him up.” And the kingdom is in us. Jesus told us that the kingdom is here and now. We must awaken the Christ who sleeps in us and begin to manifest what we are on this earth. The eternal that lives in us must be made manifest in this time. So come on, today I invite you to connect with the eternal and wake up to Christ, He expects to be manifested and that through you and me, any storm is calm. Blessings.

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