Stop doing and start being

For a long time, we learned to be active people within the church, from activity to activity. Many times, day after day, week after week, month after month and we have done so year after year. But to none, did it often occur to us to ask God: Is this what you want us to […]

They are not just emotions

May my mouth be filled with your praise, with your glory all day long. Psalm 71: 8 Within the package with which we were designed, God included emotions. Emotions are the stimulated feeling within us, which is linked to an event, whatever it is in our lives, and carries it (unites it) to our brain […]

What did you do with what was given to you?

When God created us in His image and likeness, He designed us with gifts, talents, and abilities that were born with us. Because, when God has a dream, He sees a clear and complete picture, not like us who see everything as in the movies, as the images go by. God had a dream and […]

I am willing

Let us, therefore, come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need. – Hebrews 4:16 Mark 1:40 tells us the story of this leper who comes to Jesus and says that praying and kneeling, he said to him: If you want, you can […]

Time to be awake

Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arises from the dead, and the Messiah shall shine upon thee. Ephesians 5:14 Just before he was betrayed in Gethsemane, Jesus had asked his disciples to keep watch over him. And when he returned to find them, he found them sleeping. He immediately confronted Peter and asked, […]

In the Secret

6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you. Matthew 6: 6 It is possible that anyone who belongs to a congregation or a meeting place such as God’s family has ever felt […]

Times of God

When we think of God’s times, we try to see God tucked into our agendas, our calendars, our plans. We limit God to our times, but we do not know His. God’s times are far from the times we know. They rotate and move very differently from ours. We usually prepare an agenda and plans […]

Do I really want the change?

Do not fear or be discouraged, for the LORD Himself will go before you. He will be with you; He will not fail you or forsake you. Deuteronomy 31: 8 The time in which we are living has demanded and will demand many changes. That is why we have been exposed to a lot of […]

Believe and speak

11 The word of the Lord came to me, saying, what do you see, Jeremiah? And I said I see an almond stick.  12 And the Lord said to me, you have seen well; because I hasten my word to carry it out. Jeremiah 1: 11-12 As a church, we have had many arguments regarding […]


When you seek me, you will find me, if you seek me with all your heart – Jeremiah 29:13. These days I was receiving the confrontation of the Spirit since I had been asking some questions and felt that I was not receiving an answer. At that moment the Spirit led me to look inside […]

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